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SAT & SUN: 12P-2P (EST)

Tune into the K.V. Banks Show for loads of fun and laughter! Currently airing on the 8th largest radio network in the world, The K.V. Banks Show crew are sure to leave you motivated, encouraged, and inspired to pursue create a better tomorrow! Stay connected with the crew for updates on when they're on the air next. Text the keyword 'KVBSHOW' to 555888! Stay connected on social media by using the hashtag #KVBShow!

Meet The K.V. Banks Show Crew & Segments

K.V. Banks


With over 7 years of radio broadcasting experience and a graduate from Specs Howard School of Media Broadcasting with a concentration in Radio Broadcasting, K.V. Banks serves as host of The K.V. Banks Show currently airing on the 8th largest radio network in the world! K.V. has a desire to see others go after their dream Additionally, he can be heard empowering entrepreneurs and visionaries to pursue after their dreams one step at a time with the segment "The Game Plan."  Learn more about K.V. Banks here!

Cahlyn "Six 9" McCree 


Being multi-talented is a gift all within itself, but knowing how to manage those gifts and use them at the proper time is what makes Six 9 an cherished member of The K.V. Banks Show team! Six 9 adds not only great comedic jabs, but he's sure to address controversial topics from a prospective many may have never considered. You never know what you'll get with Six 9, especially when he begins prank calls! Learn more about Cahlyn "Six 9" McCree here!

Tiffany Nichole`


Adding a special flare to The K.V. Banks Show, gospel-recording artist Tiffany Nichole` has dedicated her life to leading people to a true relationship with God and brings that same fire and compassion to the show. Not only does Tiffany counter negative controversy with intellectual thought, she displays her heart for music ministry with "The M3: Music Ministry Mindset" which speaks directly to worship leaders ensuring they are equipped with the proper tools for effective music ministry! Learn more about Tiffany Nichole` here!

DeAndre "D.R. Speaks" Riley

D.R. Speaks is a Pastor, Author and Empowerment Speaker that devotes everything he does in his life off of the basis of the "I-4" concept (Inform, Inspire, Instruct & Impact). With this concept in mind, he leads "The Keys For Greater Living" segment which focuses on one spiritual aspect at a time to create a clear path to achieving a life of greatness! Learn more about DeAndre Riley here!

Shairon Taylor

Very few people have a firm grasp on the importance of spiritual and physical health! Shairon Taylor is a huge advocate for healing for the total man through natural essential oils and spiritual health through the ever-living word of God! Taylor introduces a new segment to The K.V. Banks Show lineup, "Breaking Bread." Learn more about Shairon Taylor here!

Rev. Dr. Leroy Bishop

No one brings funny quite like Rev. Dr. Bishop! Pastor of "The Most Holy Sanctified Baptist Church of God Incorporated of the Episcopal Community Church of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ International Ministries... etc etc etc!" He brings a much needed flare with his head church deacon, "Deacon Stutter." Don't miss an edition of "Talking with The Bishop" and hear what The Bishop has to say! 


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