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K.V. Banks

Where many see giants and insurmountable obstacles, he sees greater levels of opportunity. Having worked side-by-side with world-renowned artists, such as JeKalyn Carr and Willie Moore Jr., KiJuan V. Banks, affectionately known to many as K.V., knows firsthand that it doesn’t take luck or good fortune to be successful. One must simply be deliberate and intentional about his or her actions and plans. As a radio personality, actor, comedian and minister, he’s not just on a mission to experience dream and destiny fulfillment himself—but he’s committed to creating a new norm and culture for his family, both present and future.

Growing up with humble beginnings, his surroundings and environment didn’t dictate the scope of his dreams. Yet, he never pursued his big dreams because he didn't see that possibility in the dichotomy of his household. Now a graduate of Specs Howard School of Media Broadcasting, he is not only a production engineer for AM 1440 WMKM, but his drive and tenacity to push past life’s stumbling blocks led him to found not one, but three independent companies.

His initial company, Blueprint Media Productions provides voiceovers, audio/video production and commercial advertising. Specializing in event and product promotion, Blueprint Media crafts state-of-the-art radio broadcasting content and voiceovers for signature projects. Recognizing his passion for playing the keys, K.V. later formed Kingdom Keys School of Music. Cultivating kingdom musicians that render a sound that glorifies God, many Kingdom Keys students serve as musicians in ministry or they simply have a desire to learn to play. Leading both children and adults onto the path toward musical greatness, Kingdom Keys offers musical classes to students ranging from first to eighth grade in various schools throughout the Detroit metropolitan area.

His third company, K.V. Banks Live Enterprises, encompasses both his acting and comedic career, as well as empowerment speaking and motivational moments. Whether he’s performing in a hit stage play around the city, or operating in his character, "Reverend Doctor Leroy Bishop," who is affectionately called "The Bishop," K.V. leaves a mark on the hearts and minds of men and women that cannot easily be erased. As producer of nationally syndicated radio shows, "The LifeLine Show" and "It's A New Day," his work was aired and featured in 30+ radio markets nationwide. Today, he hosts "The K.V. Banks Show," which airs on the eighth largest radio market in the world out of Atlanta. 

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